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Bernard Appears on truTV and Headline News This Week

November 18, 2011

This week, Bernard made two appearances on national television.

On Friday, he was an in-studio guest on truTV’s In Session as he provided legal analysis on the Jerry Sandusky case. As a criminal defense attorney who specializes in sex offense cases, Bernard was called upon to provide expert commentary on how the defense attorneys in the case will be preparing Sandusky’s defense.  Bernard pointed out that there is still much unknown about the evidence in this case and that the public should be careful not to give too much weight to the grand jury findings.  Bernard discussed the importance of the disclosure process in sex offense allegations and noted that the evolution of the alleged victims’ statements will be critical in determining the strength of this case.  With Sandusky’s preliminary hearing scheduled for December, we will certainly learn a lot more about the prosecution’s evidence in the coming weeks.

On Thursday, Bernard was a guest on the Dr. Drew show where he was brought in to give a criminal defense attorney’s perspective on the Penn State scandal and the defense of people charged with sex offenses.  He was also asked to comment on the police investigation in San Diego concerning the suspicious death of Rebecca Zahau.  The police and the medical examiner have ruled it a suicide but the condition of her body when it was discovered (hands and feet bound, etc.) make a suicide difficult to comprehend.  The family has retained an attorney and an independent medical examiner in an effort to convince the police to re-open an investigation into her death.

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