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We are a boutique criminal defense firm in Atlanta, Georgia dedicated to defending people accused of sex crimes.

At Brody Law Firm, we are passionate about what we do. We limit the number of cases we take and surround our clients with the top investigators and experts in the field. This has resulted in an overwhelming record of dismissals and acquittals as well as national recognition as one of the leaders in defending sex crime allegations.

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Bernard Brody has been recognized by Georgia Trend Magazine and Atlanta Magazine’s Super Lawyers as one of the top attorneys in Georgia.

Bernard is in the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and ranked in the Top 10 in Georgia by NACDA. He has handled several high profile cases and has appeared on CNN, HLN, and truTV’s In Session to provide expert legal commentary on the defense of sex offense allegations.

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Our Practice Areas

Our Entire Practice is Devoted to the Defense of Sex Offense Allegations
Child Molestation

We understand how children can be influenced and how it can lead to false allegations. This has enabled us to prove the innocence of so many clients.

Child Molestation Cases

Child Pornography

We’re well-versed in computer forensics and one of the few criminal defense firms that truly specializes in these cases. Our knowledge and experience in this area is unmatched.

Child Pornography Cases

Internet Sting

We’ve become passionately involved in the defense of people arrested in these operations. We have fought back against these stings and proven the innocence and entrapment of our clients.

Internet Sting Operations


These allegations are typically made by accusers who had consensual sex with our clients. We focus on proving the sex was consensual and the accuser’s motive to allege otherwise.

Rape Allegations

Sexual Assault

We’ve represented many well-respected teachers, police officers, and doctors accused of sexual assault. Our tireless work ethic has led to the dismissal of many of these cases.

Sexual Assault Cases


We bring the same level of knowledge and experience we use to successfully defend sex offense cases to appeals in order to prove our client has been wrongfully convicted.


Case Results

Unprecedented Results in the Most Difficult Sex Offense Cases in Georgia
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Our Reviews

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“His attention to detail, frequency of communication, level of intelligence and specific knowledge regarding these types of cases is astounding.”

Anthony, a former client

“He is worth every penny.”

Wife of a former client

“What I really admire about his practice is that he always gave me his full attention and respect. He was able to do that because he only takes a few cases and this allows him to focus on the case and the client.”

Dan, a former client

“Bernard Brody did exactly what he said he would do and had my case dropped before any arrest or court appearances. I highly recommend Bernard Brody’s services if you find yourself falsely accused of a sex crime.”

A former client

“I was charged with a serious child pornography crime. Bernard was able to use his in-depth experience and skill and knowledge of computer forensics to prove the allegations against me were false.”

A former client

“I sought out the best attorney in this field because my defense hinged on having someone with deep knowledge of computer and sex offense associated crimes.”

A former client

“He is the most down to earth lawyer I have ever met.”

Tabitha, mother of former client
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Sex Crime Allegations FAQ

If you’re accused of a sexual offense, learning the facts is crucial to developing your defense.

I’ve been accused of a sex crime, but not charged. What can I do?

The most common misconception is that nothing can be done prior to arrest or prior to the case being indicted. However, with these allegations, this is actually where an experienced sex crime defense lawyer can often make the biggest difference. The more proactive we are, and the more evidence we can gather that proves our client’s innocence, the better the chances that the case can be resolved prior to arrest or indictment.

How are sex crime allegations investigated?

We will spend hours learning about our client and the allegations. With our experience, we are well-versed in identifying the flaws in these cases and the circumstances that can lead to false allegations. We will be proactive in gathering evidence and tracking down witnesses that will help support our defense. This includes not only factual evidence that supports our client’s innocence, but also evidence that sheds light on the credibility or motivations of the accusers.

What kind of evidence will you gather?

The evidence that our team will gather can consist of emails, text messages, photographs, documents, social media posts, phone records, bank records, credit card records, employment records, court records, and the list goes on. Interviewing witnesses who are familiar with the accusers will also be critical in establishing the circumstances surrounding the allegation. The more we investigate, the more additional leads we will likely uncover.

What if I deleted critical evidence from my phone?

Often times, our clients unwittingly delete pictures, text messages and other communications from their phone that may be critical to their defense. If we act quickly, it is often possible to recover this deleted evidence. We work closely with computer forensics investigators and, in many instances, we’ve been able to recover the evidence that helps prove our client’s innocence.

How can I prove a child is making a false allegation?

This is a difficult question, but one that must be answered to prove our client has been falsely accused. False allegations of child molestation are more common than most believe. Over the years, we have represented many clients who have been falsely accused and we’ve been able to identify many common characteristics that have attributed to the false allegations.

At our firm, we refer to these as “the ingredients of a false allegation.” Usually children are not intentionally lying, although it does occur. The more common scenario is that the child has been exposed to highly suggestive and improper influences that create an atmosphere where a false allegation becomes possible.

Case Preparation and Other Tools

How We successfully defend Sex Offense Claims

All we do is represent people accused of sexual offense allegations in Georgia. Because of the nature of our practice, we intentionally keep a very small caseload. This allows us to conduct thorough investigations and use innovative tools to secure the best result for our client in every single case.

Step 1: Investigation

Our firm’s lead investigator, formerly of the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office, spent 14 years as an investigator, primarily in the Crimes Against Children Unit, where she investigated child molestation cases for the prosecution.

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Step 2: Expert Testimony

We take full advantage of our ability to attract some of the leading experts in the country. We have helped exonerate many innocent clients with the use of science and technology, particularly with experts in the areas of child sexual abuse disclosures and computer / digital forensics.

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Step 3: Pre-Trial Motions

We employ an aggressive pretrial motions practice, and it has proven to be indispensable in our ability to win so many of our cases at or before trial.

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Step 4: Trial Preparation

We utilize cutting edge methods to prepare our cases for trial. We’ll conduct mock trials and focus groups to test our defense, and use whatever resources are necessary to win the case.

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