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Brody Law Firm Obtains Acquittal in Athens for Client Falsely Accused of Rape

February 21, 2024

Very proud of our recent acquittal in Athens where we had the great pleasure to work with Ed Tolley and his amazing team from Cook & Tolley, LLP. This was definitely a team effort!

After jury selection and six full days of evidence and arguments, it took the jury just about an hour to acquit our client of rape and kidnapping charges.

Our client was a very successful club owner who had been falsely accused of raping a woman at the club. The allegation was crippling as it led to the closing of his businesses and four-plus years waiting for the opportunity to prove his innocence.

We were confident that the evidence would convincingly prove that our client had consensual sex with the woman. Most of this evidence was buried in text messages between her and her best friend that we were able to obtain from forensic examinations of their cell phones. Not only did that evidence prove what truly happened between the woman and our client, but it also revealed that her friend had deleted several critical texts from her phone before it was turned over to the police.

Prior to our client’s arrest, he gave a very convincing statement to the police detailing the sex and the conduct of the woman indicating her consent to it. Sadly, the police failed to investigate the case and instead arrested our client right away. Fortunately, there were witnesses inside the club who would later corroborate our client’s claims and the jury was able to hear from them at the trial.

For more information, read the story in the Athens Banner-Herald.

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