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Legal Case Preparation

Our track record of success is largely due to limiting the number of cases we accept and concentrating heavily on case preparation.

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Our case prep involves thorough and in-depth investigations, employing an aggressive pretrial motion practice, and using innovative trial preparation tools. We work with top experts and investigators to build our client’s defense, and we will use jury consultants, mock trials, focus groups, and whatever resources are necessary to win the case. We have become the premier sex crime attorneys in Georgia as a result of our tireless work ethic that has led to an overwhelming number of dismissals and acquittals in the most difficult cases involving well-respected individuals.

Since we obtain dismissals in many of our cases before trial, our successful results often go unnoticed by the media. We are proud that many of our clients are able to go on with their lives without significant attention or harm to their reputations.

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Our Case Preparation Practices

Some of the most critical steps we will take in defending our clients include:


The first part of our case preparation involves a thorough investigation into the accusations against our client, the accuser(s), as well as others involved in the case. Our lead investigator spent 14 years in the District Attorney’s Office handling sensitive cases in the Crimes Against Children Unit. As a result of this experience, she brings to the firm a wealth of knowledge of how the prosecution works and how the defense must respond to obtain dismissals and acquittals in sex offense cases. With her assistance, we ensure that no stone is left unturned as we discover and secure the evidence that helps prove our defense.

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Expert Testimony

Over the years and through our record of success, we have been able to connect with leading experts across the U.S. We use all types of scientific and other professional experts to support our defense.

We may have a medical expert testify regarding DNA evidence. We may hire a computer forensics expert to recover deleted information from a phone, laptop, or other electronic devices. We may hire psychological and child sexual abuse experts, particularly when an alleged minor victim may have been coached or fallen prey to improper or suggestive interview techniques. In many cases, experts are invaluable in enabling us to be successful.

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Pre-Trial Motions

Whether we are going to trial or seeking to have the charges dismissed before trial, it is important to have a proactive pretrial motions practice. A lot can be decided before entering a courtroom, including whether or not there will even be a trial. We are aggressive in using pretrial motions to obtain evidence or help us resolve the case in a favorable manner.

We may utilize discovery motions to obtain privileged information or evidence the prosecutor is not required to disclose. We often file motions to suppress certain types of evidence, such as illegally seized or overly prejudicial evidence. Additionally, we are likely to file a motion to dismiss or quash certain counts of the indictment.

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Trial Preparation

Following an exhaustive investigation of the case and the handling of pretrial motions, we need to begin preparing for a possible trial. This typically involves conducting focus groups and mock trials where we present our defense and obtain valuable feedback. We also need to be thinking about our courtroom presentation and using technology to create interactive exhibits for use at trial.

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Legal Preparation in Sex Offense Cases

Legal case preparation does not rest solely on your attorney’s shoulders. There is a lot you may be able to do to help us build your defense and prepare for court.

Gathering and Preserving Physical Evidence

Depending on the allegations against you, there may be physical evidence we need to preserve, such as clothing, photographs, documents and personal items . We will typically need your help to identify and secure physical evidence that may be relevant to the case.

Collecting Digital Evidence

Digital evidence may be critical to refute a sex offense allegation. We will work with you to identify, collect, and preserve this evidence. It is important that you do not attempt to delete communications or social media activity, or erase any data on your phone and other devices.

Preparing Timelines

In defending sex offense allegations, it is often essential to create timelines of critical events. This will help us to learn the evolution of the allegation and see where stories changed, children may have been influenced, or where major events may have given rise to ill motives. Timelines also allow us to identify key evidence connected to these events that will need to be secured.

Identifying Potential Witnesses

In almost every case, there will be people familiar with the allegation, or with the accuser, or with our client, who may have critical information for our defense. We will work closely with our client to identify and contact any potential witnesses who could help us in establishing our defense.

Preparing Our Defense Strategy

Our defense strategies will vary depending on the specific nature and circumstances of the case.

In some cases, we are proving that a sexual encounter was consensual or that a child has been influenced to make a false allegation against our client. With sting operations, we are often seeking to develop an entrapment defense. Child pornography cases typically require thorough examinations of hard drives and devices to piece together the data that proves our case.

The defense strategy we employ also depends on the stage of the case. Sometimes, we are working quickly to try to dismiss a case prior to arrest. Other times, we are working to resolve a case prior to indictment or trial.

Our defense strategy may also incorporate technical aspects of the law, such as the statute of limitations, affirmative defenses, Constitutional violations, or the rules of evidence and criminal procedure.

Sex crime cases have specific evidentiary rules that do not apply in other criminal cases. Because our firm focuses on defending against sex crime allegations, we are experienced in the nuances and application of these rules, including the Child Hearsay and Rape Shield statutes.

We cannot understate the importance of case preparation when you are accused of a sex crime. Sex offense cases are unique and require specialized knowledge and tactics that are not often employed in the defense of other criminal cases. Without an experienced attorney, you will not benefit from a thorough investigation and understanding of the allegations, the accusers, and the surrounding circumstances that led to the allegations being made. We are highly experienced in developing aggressive and effective defense strategies because all we do is sex crime defense. Our painstaking case preparation methods have enabled us to secure an impressive history of dismissals and acquittals for clients in these cases.

We encourage you to read Our Results page to learn more about how we’ve successfully defended many clients facing sexual offense allegations in Georgia.

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