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Introducing Brody Law Firm’s Legal Consulting Services

June 27, 2024

Now clients have another option when hiring our firm. We can consult with their current legal team and give them the tools they need to win the case.

This year, Brody Law Firm launched a legal consulting service to give clients and fellow lawyers another way to utilize our expertise in defending sex offense allegations. We are now consulting with legal teams on several such cases around the country.

The primary goal of our consulting service is to be able to help more people. Retaining our firm for full legal representation is very costly and many times requires us to travel great distances. As a result, we take on just a small number of clients at one time. Plus, many clients who contact us already have an exceptional criminal defense attorney. They are just in need of some assistance from someone with specific knowledge and experience in sex offense cases.

With this in mind, our firm is now available to consult with legal teams in Georgia and throughout the country. The legal team will have access to the very same knowledge and tactics we use to represent our own clients. We will analyze the evidence in the case and make recommendations of how the defense can be developed and improved. We will brainstorm how the case can be investigated and make recommendations on obtaining evidence or interviewing witnesses.

Over the years, we have developed a system for conducting focus groups and can conduct them anywhere in the country. We recruit participants from the jurisdiction where the case is pending and record the sessions so that they can be thoroughly analyzed by the legal team. This has proven to be an invaluable trial preparation tool as the feedback we receive will then be used to develop and fine-tune our defense before trial.

We are frequently asked to get involved in internet sting cases and child pornography cases due to our firm’s unique experience in this area and our knowledge of computer and cell phone forensics.

We are also called upon to help attorneys throughout the country representing clients who have been falsely accused of rape or child molestation. We’ve become well-versed in detecting the signs and causes of false allegations in these cases and can help the legal team connect those dots so that they can prove their clients’ innocence.

This consulting service will not change anything that we already do but will hopefully just make our services accessible to more people. It will also give us the ability to work with great lawyers everywhere and help them represent clients who are facing very serious charges in this complex area of law.

Click here to learn more about our firm’s sex offense consulting services.

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