Using Experts in Sex Offense Cases

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Sex offense cases are complex and often require the assistance of experts in a variety of scientific fields. Our experience and success in this area has allowed us to build relationships with some of the leading experts in the country. Whether we need a computer forensics investigator to extract critical data from a cell phone, a forensic interview expert to analyze the suggestive questioning of a child, or a medical expert to refute the findings in a sexual assault exam, we are able to team with the right people who can make all the difference in our case.

Computer Forensic Experts

Computer forensics is an area of science that has become increasingly useful in court over the years.

We work with the top computer forensics experts who will examine our client’s cell phones, tablets, computer hard drives, and other electronic devices to obtain deleted text messages and email correspondence, social media communications, group chat logs, internet history information, GPS location data, and other types of data that can be used to prove discrepancies in the prosecution’s case as well as prove our client’s innocence.

We use digital evidence to prove the innocence of our clients in internet sting operations and child pornography cases, to establish that sexual encounters were consensual to refute rape allegations, to demonstrate how improper influence and motives have led to the making of false child molestation allegations, and in countless other situations. There is rarely a case where we do not utilize digital evidence to prove our defense.

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Forensic Interview Experts

Defending child molestation cases are especially complex because, in order to prove that our client is innocent, we must be able to establish how and why the child is making a false allegation.

In most cases, the answer is not obvious and requires a thorough analysis of the evolution of the child’s statements, and the questioning by adults, to uncover the improper influence and suggestion that made a false allegation possible.

In every child molestation case, we work closely with one of the nation’s leading experts in the field of child sexual abuse disclosures and forensic interview techniques. The expert reviews all of the evidence in the case and critically examines the forensic interviews of the children.

Many cases involving false allegations are the result of improper and suggestive interviewing techniques. With our expert’s assistance, these flaws can be exposed to the prosecution prior to trial and lead to a dismissal of the charges against our client.

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Medical Experts

In cases involving an alleged physical injury, we will have a medical expert review the sexual assault examination to determine whether an improper diagnosis has been made.

We are frequently able to consult with some of the top physicians at Emory and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in these cases. Many times, we learn that the nurses conducting these exams are inexperienced or inadequately trained. This can often lead to errors that result in false reports of injuries.

Medical experts are essential when there is DNA evidence. Many people assume that DNA evidence is clear cut and will definitively prove whether someone committed a crime. This is far from the truth, which is why we need to retain our own experts to review any alleged DNA evidence and the testing methodology in order to expose issues or problems associated with that evidence at trial.

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Experts in Psychology and Mental Health

Many times, our clients suffer from mental health issues or addictions that can help explain their conduct and establish that they lacked any criminal intent.

This is very common in internet sting and child pornography cases. One of the reasons we spend so much time with our clients is to learn about their mental health history and determine whether specific psychological evaluations are necessary.

As a result of these evaluations, we have had clients diagnosed with intellectual deficiencies, social anxiety and maturity issues, autism spectrum disorder, as well as internet and pornography addiction. These diagnoses, coupled with experts who are able to explain how these issues may be responsible for the client’s conduct, have helped us achieve dismissals in many challenging cases.

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