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Very Knowledgeable

Attorney Brody was by my side throughout the whole process. He did a phenomenal job with this case. Attorney Brody along with his staff were very professional and did everything in their power for my case. This was the best decision ever made and I am very thankful for all his hard work!

Posted by Anonymous

Best Lawyer in Atlanta

Mr. Brody has changed the worst experience of my life into the meaningful experience. Brody and his investigator Shannon truly cared about me and my family. He played a major role to win the trial for me, and I am very grateful to have Mr. Brody as my lawyer.

Posted by Anonymous

Very Best of the Best

All-around amazing lawyer, and legal team. I would highly recommend Bernard Brody being your first consideration for representation. Brody, investigator Shannon, and paralegal Kymberly, are all so kind, helpful, attentive, and thorough. They will truly do anything they can, and go above and beyond to help you with your case. Thanks to their dedicated hard work, my case was dismissed.

Posted by Anonymous

Superior Attorney

When faced with the hardest experience of my life, Bernard Brody took the weight off my shoulders. He carefully reviewed every aspect of my case. Throughout the process, he was very well organized, on top of the schedule, and had relevant information at his fingertips. He instantly made me feel comfortable and I knew from the start that he was the best and right attorney to hire. Unfortunately, we now live in times where a person can be accused of anything, even when it is false. Bernard is the attorney who knows the law and what law enforcement can and cannot do. The results were outstanding!

Posted by Anonymous

The Man for the Job

Mr. Brody and his team help prove my innocence on an aggregated child molestation case accusation from my ex-girlfriend. Who convinced a police department to arrest me without any just cause to do so. I was in a fight to prove my innocence, my lawyer I hired previously before Mr.Brody couldn’t handle a case of this statue. I was facing 25 years if I was proven guilty. Mr. Brody was the man I need for the job in the very beginning. Without a doubt In my mind if you need the representation like I did, look no further. Thank you, Mr. Brody, and team for all your hard work!

Posted by Aggregated Child Molestation Client

Brody is worth every penny

My husband was wrongfully accused, but no charges were ever pressed, thanks to Mr. Brody. Immediately following our first meeting he proved to be both proactive and thorough. He and his team helped us show that the accusation was false by 1) documenting evidence that the accuser was lying, through both interviews and internet research; 2) providing guidance about lie detector testing, the result of which provided another indicator of innocence; 3) helping navigate interactions with police, child services, and the district attorney. To be falsely accused by someone once loved and trusted is highly stressful, but Bernard and his team helped ease the stress, as they were respectful and supportive of my husband the entire time. We were cautiously optimistic during the course of the investigation that eventually the case would be closed…and it WAS closed. Working with a first-rate lawyer like Mr. Brody was expensive but it was well worth it, as it preserved my husband’s career.

Posted by a client

Words cannot express my gratitude

There really are no words to describe how thankful and blessed we are to have discovered Mr. Brody. The only regret I have is that I didn’t hire him sooner. If you or someone you know has been falsely accused, hire him immediately. Unfortunately, I was falsely accused, arrested and detained 4 mos before I learned of Mr. Brody. But from the very moment we met with him and his investigator, we knew that we had to have him at any costs. His attention to detail, frequency of communication, level of intelligence and specific knowledge regarding these types of cases is astounding. In addition to being the most professional, strategic and knowledgeable Attorney we’d ever worked with, we were also so impressed with the level of respect Mr. Brody has gained over time from judges and prosecutors alike that’s evident in and out of the courtroom. This ultimately became an extremely valuable trait to have, since the goal was to have my case dismissed and having them on our side was so important. In the end, Mr. Brody did just that, and was able to prove the false allegation and had my case completely dismissed. Overjoyed and ecstatic don’t do the emotions justice. Mr. Brody and his team saved our lives and I’ll never be able to thank him enough.

Posted by Anthony

Astute, kind, respectful, diligent

Hiring Attorney Brody was the best decision I made. Because of bad decision and lack of knowledge about the law I ended up in enormous trouble. I consulted with other lawyers who seemed worried more about their fee rather than their client. Some of these other attorneys had also been district attorneys before, which I thought would benefit me. Instead they looked at the case as if he/she was still the DA. I consulted with about three to four different lawyers who suggested the easiest route for the case. Unfortunately this “easiest route” was easiest for them. I would have had to plead guilty which would have certainly destroyed my career, not to mention my life as well. After reading the reviews I consulted with Attorney Brody about my case. At his office I was treated with respect. His staff was very courteous. Even before hiring him as my attorney, my case and I were given full attention by him and his faculty. Attorney Brody also had his private investigator work on the case which played an exceptional role in the case. Shortly after, the case was resolved and dismissed. This not only saved my career, but probably my life as well. It was the best decision to hire Attorney Brody. He is astute, respectful, and intelligent. What I really admire about his practice is that he always gave me his full attention and respect. He was able to do that because he only takes few cases and this allows him to focus on the case and the client. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best I give him an 11/10. There are times when we all make bad decisions or mistakes. These mistakes shouldn’t define who we are. Everyone deserves a second chance. I was able to find this second chance because of attorney Brody’s brilliance. I highly recommend him.

Posted by Dan

Excellent Attorney and Excellent Representation!

I have recently went through an unbelievably terrible ordeal that strained my personal and professional relationships and damaged my reputation. I was falsely accused and arrested. With no one in my corner and my back against the wall, I had no choice but to find the best attorney in Georgia to clear me from these charges. Mr. Brody is a very caring and compassionate attorney. He was straightforward, clearly explained the process and expectations, and was willing to answer my many questions. From the beginning until the end Mr. Brody and his team treated me like I was their number one priority. The fee that I paid is worth every cent. He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him to everyone who is unfortunate to find themselves in my situation. Words cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Bernard Brody.

Posted by Milan

Bernard was excellent

From the very beginning of taking me as a client, Bernard took charge and took actionable steps to prove my innocence. Even though it took 3 years to have the DA dismiss my case, Bernard was persistent throughout to get my situation resolved. He did a great job with a difficult situation to get the right result and my innocence proven.

Posted by a client

I started eating and sleeping again after hiring Bernard Brody

I walked into Bernard Brody’s office already feeling disgusting and defeated by the horrible accusation against me. Bernard, and his investigator Shannon, made my wife and me feel at ease immediately. Upon telling them the situation I had been handed, they were eager to get to work that day and immediately gave me instructions on what they would need me to provide so that they may get started. They shared my feeling that we could not waste any time. Every few days, Bernard and/or Shannon checked in with me by phone and gave me updates throughout the entire ordeal. Each phone call I received from them gave me confidence that they were not sitting around wasting my precious time. Bernard scheduled a polygraph test for me right away, and soon thereafter I did a psychological evaluation. Both tests came back very favorably for me and Bernard and Shannon diligently kept working away at my case. Long story short, in roughly 3.5 months, Bernard Brody did exactly what he said he would do and had my case dropped before any arrest or court appearances. I highly recommend Bernard Brody’s services if you find yourself falsely accused of a sex crime.

Posted by a client

Excellent attorney

Bernard did a fantastic job for us. His experience was right on target. He set our expectations appropriately and followed through with everything he told us he would do.

Posted by a client