Sex Crime Defense Consulting

We Can Consult With Your Current Legal Team

We bring decades of experience and success in defending sex offense cases to your legal team, giving you the tools and insight you need to win your case.

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We Consult With Legal Teams Anywhere in the United States

In addition to representing clients directly, we also offer our national sex crime consulting services to your legal team to help formulate effective defense strategies, gather evidence, and prepare cases for trial. We work with criminal defense attorneys throughout the country who seek us out for our specialized knowledge and proven track record in defending sex offense allegations.

Consulting with our firm can increase the likelihood of an acquittal or the dismissal of charges. Even the most experienced and successful criminal defense attorneys can benefit from our unique ability to develop winning strategies in highly nuanced sex offense cases. Our methods have been shown to be successful as evidenced by the unprecedented number of dismissals and acquittals we’ve obtained.

Reasons to Consult with Brody Law Firm

No Boundaries:
We can consult on sex crime cases anywhere in the country.

Proven Approach:
We bring the same knowledge and tactics that we use to successfully defend our clients to your legal defense.

Lower Fees:
Our consulting fees are generally much lower than those for full legal representation.

Our Sex Offense Consulting Services

Our services will be customized to the particular case and needs of the client. Generally, our consulting services will involve assisting your legal team with the following:

  • Evidence Review & Analysis. We will review all the evidence in the case and provide our expert analysis.
  • Investigation. With the help of our investigator, we will provide the legal team with avenues of investigation that will help with developing the defense.
  • Gathering Evidence Favorable to the Defense. We will help the legal team secure evidence and locate witnesses that will be critical to the defense.
  • Subpoenas and Open Records Requests. We will assist the legal team with using subpoenas and open records requests to obtain critical evidence.
  • Legal Research and Analysis. We will research legal issues relevant to the case and help with any pretrial motions that may be necessary.
  • Presentation of Defense to Prosecutors. We will assist the legal team with the presentation of the defense to prosecutors in an effort to resolve the case prior to trial.
  • Trial Preparation and Focus Groups. We will conduct focus groups to gain valuable insight and feedback about our defense that will then guide our trial preparation.

Sex Crime Cases We Consult On

Whether it’s developing defense strategies for an internet sting case or navigating the technological complexities in a child pornography case, we can consult on any sex offense case, federal or state, in any jurisdiction. We typically are asked to consult on the following types of cases:

Internet Sting Operations

We have become passionately involved in fighting back against these stings and, as a result, we’ve been able to help achieve dismissals and acquittals in many jurisdictions. Our unique insight into how to develop a winning defense in these cases is an asset to even the most seasoned criminal defense lawyers.

Child Molestation Cases

We’ve spent decades learning about how children can be influenced to make false allegations and how to detect the signs or causes of a false child molestation allegation. Bringing us in to consult with your legal team can allow us to help determine how and why the child in your case may have been influenced to make a false allegation.

Rape Cases

False allegations of rape are very common and are typically made by women who had consensual sex with our clients. We have routinely obtained dismissals and acquittals in these cases and, in doing so, we’ve been able to discover common patterns and motives when these false allegations occur. With this experience, we can analyze a rape allegation and help uncover the clues that will prove why the woman is claiming she was raped.

Child Pornography Cases

We are well-versed in computer and cell phone forensics which sets us apart from most criminal defense attorneys. This knowledge makes it much easier for us to defend these cases as we can spot defects in the search warrants and in the forensic evidence that most lawyers cannot. Many times, we can even do so without the need for a computer forensics expert.

How to Get Started

Reach out to us directly or have your current attorney contact us about our sex offense consulting services. Just like with inquiries regarding traditional legal representation, any communications with us are covered under the attorney-client privilege. We invite you to read Our Results page to learn more about how we’ve successfully defended many clients facing sex offense allegations.

To schedule a consultation, contact Brody Law Firm.

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