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Best decision I could have made

I couldn’t be happier with the results Bernard got me in my case. I was faced with very serious allegations that were unfounded and just not true. I choose Bernard because he is the best at what he does. Bernard was there for me and my family every step of the way and my case was finally dismissed. Anyone who hires Bernard Brody is sure to be pleased with the results!

Posted by a client

Highly Recommend Bernard Brody

I was charged with a serious child pornography crime. Bernard was able to use his in-depth experience and skill and knowledge of computer forensics to prove the allegations against me were false. All along my nightmare Bernard always kept me highly informed and apprised of next steps in my defense. I sought out the best attorney in this field because my defense hinged having someone with deep knowledge of computer and sex offense associated crimes. Luckily I found the best in Bernard and his team. I highly recommend him if you are facing charges in this area.

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Excellently Handled False Allegation

We never thought, heard or imagine that such a situation could exist. Our values and family future was crushed due to bogus allegation. We were clueless and not able to think until we met Mr. Brody. He listened patiently and then laid out step by step plan. He was never frustrated by our never ending queries but answered them in detail while calming us. He was there every time we had any concerns. He handled our problem very efficiently. His staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. He and his staff are now like our extended family that understood and restored our faith in the system. Mr. Brody is a super excellent lawyer and would recommend him anytime.

Posted by a client

Child Molestation Charges

Bernard worked with me and my family to get bogus child molestation charges dropped against my son. He had a very short window to make this happen, he dedicated himself to my son’s case and worked diligently with me to make sure he did not spend 30 years in Prison for a crime that he did not commit. Bernard put the evidence in front of the prosecutor and took the guess work out of the puzzle which afforded my son his freedom and not have to be labored as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Thanks Bernard!

Posted by Shirley

Bernard Brody, Atlanta’s Super Attorney

I have hired attorneys in the past with mixed feelings of disappointment and that the bare minimum or nothing was done. Bernard Brody is a super attorney for good reason. He knows the law, does his research and is a strong presence in the courtroom. His ability to plan a course of action, educate and prep his client, and steer the court environment are unmatched. When a curve is thrown, he is quick to overcome and correct inquiry. He has a pleasant demeanor in court that is respected by all officers of the court. His staff is excellent in their jobs as well. Keeping you informed, following up with necessary paperwork and documents, getting messages to Mr. Brody and back to you promptly. All function well under pressure. If you need an attorney, Bernard Brody is excellent and I recommend him highly. He set his sights on an outcome and achieved it. What more can you ask of in an attorney.

Posted by Chris

Released From Sex offender Registry

Mr. Brody is an excellent Lawyer. He handled a very complex life altering legal case for me.With a favorable outcome, which in turn gives me a chance at a normal life do to the charges and restraints of my sentence. I would greatly recommend Mr.Brody to help with a complex charges.

Posted by Stephen

Mr. Bernard Brody is an excellent defense attorney and I highly recommend him.

Mr. Brody served me extremely well as a defense attorney on different occasions. He is very knowledgeable, defends his client vigorously and is very accessible. His experience is extensive and I recommend him without reservation. I was very fortunate to retain him for my legal difficulties. If I have legal defense needs in the future I will definitely retain Mr. Brody again. I have used many attorneys for various things in my life and Mr. Brody ranks right at the top. The criminal justice system is quite nasty, not necessarily fair and very adversarial. If you go up against the court system you better have a capable legal advocate to defend you. It is bright, aggressive and dedicated attorneys like Mr. Brody who help keep our destructive and oppressive justice system in check. I am very grateful for his kindness and help. He is a great guy.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Petetion for sex offender removal

Mr Benard Brody prepared a very strong and thorough case for me to successfully Petition the court to be removed from the sex offender registry. I highly recommend Mr Brody for your attorney.Thanks again Mr brody for my freedom.

Posted by a client

Best Lawyer

Very knowledgeable in his field, nothing but the BEST to say about him, I strongly recommend him if you have loved one in trouble. He is worth every penny. Thank you Mr. Barnard.

Posted by J.N Family

The Best Lawyer

Mr Bernard is excellent lawyer, work hard. He help us through the toughest time in our life, he work to get the best outcome for his client. We are very satisfied with the result. We really appreciate all your help.

Posted by Mary

The Best in the business

Mr. Brody saved our sons life literally. We originally went with a local guy who did nothing but keep my son in jail and made the outcome of our case much worse. Brody went about and beyond the call of duty for an entire year+ for our family and was always there whenever we needed him. He is the most down to earth lawyer I have ever met. I thank God that my step mother found him and he became a big part of our life and the outcome of my sons’ life. My son was accused falsely and we all went through absolute hell but we had comfort in knowing that Brody was on our side and fighting for us everyday. My son is now cleared and his record has been completely expunged and is now going on with his life. That was the hardest time in our lives and the most helpless but Brody prevailed and brought justice to the front!! We can’t thank them enough!!!!

Posted by Tabitha

Hipolito’s Confidant

Many sentences and accolades need to be a part of this individual’s armor; armor he used to prove my innocence when I was totally baffled by the innuendos and accusations. Bernard Brody is a master tactician using his strategy to slowly get to the source of the problem. Once he saw the strengths of my case, he plunged forward to repute the lies and allegations. Later, he topped it off by expunging my records. He is the one to take on. He is methodical and thorough and will leave no stone unturned in working for you and your case. His personal touch allowed Alice and I to feel at ease. You want the best? Hope my words convey and connect that he certainly is the best representation your consideration can hire. Nuff said.

Posted by a client