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Sexual battery charges dismissed in Fulton County

State of Georgia v. M.S.

Our client was a longtime general manager of a successful restaurant in Atlanta and was falsely accused by a disgruntled former employee of sexual battery.

The report was made to the City of Atlanta Police Department, who then arrested our client two weeks later.

In conducting our investigation, we realized right away that this allegation had several red flags that were completely ignored by the police. First, records from the restaurant revealed that the employee had several prior disciplinary issues and was at risk of being terminated. The employee then lied to the manager about missing work due to a purported hospitalization but refused to provide any documentation to support this. As a result, the employee was terminated.

Immediately after her confrontation with management, the employee approached several of her former co-workers and asked if they would write statements for her saying they had witnessed the manager sexually harassing her so that she could collect unemployment. The employees refused to do so because they knew that it was not true.

Later that day, she was seen outside the restaurant meeting with her uncle who works for the Atlanta Police Department. The next day, an incident report alleging sexual battery was filed by a different officer although no investigation ever took place. It was our belief that these officers knew that the allegation was likely false, yet they proceeded to arrest our client anyway.

Our investigator collected numerous statements from the restaurant employees, video surveillance footage, text messages between an employee and the accuser days after the allegation was made, as well as evidence that the accuser forged a written statement that was presented to the Department of Labor in an attempt to collect unemployment.

After presenting all of our evidence to the prosecutors, they agreed to dismiss the charges against our client and expunge the arrest from his record.

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