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Sexual assault charges dismissed against Henry County doctor

State of Georgia v. K.J.

Our client was a well-respected doctor who was falsely accused of sexual assault by a female patient.

Prior to us getting involved in the case, the client had been arrested by the police and indicted in Henry County Superior Court for the offense of aggravated sexual battery. As a result of the arrest, the client was at risk of losing his medical license as well as his private practice of 25-plus years. He was also facing serious sexual assault charges that could result in him spending the rest of his life in prison.

In reviewing the records from the patient’s office visit, we noticed several glaring discrepancies. One of these was that the patient was using an insurance card that listed her as the spouse of the insured. However, court records showed that the couple had been divorced for almost two years. It became clear that the police conducted absolutely no investigation into this patient’s background. Once we conducted our own investigation, we unearthed a mountain of evidence that revealed a history of false allegations and fraudulent conduct.

First, we discovered that the woman had been arrested for identity fraud. When we dug a little deeper, we learned that the identity fraud offense was committed just days before she was to be evicted from her apartment. We then discovered a long history of evictions and dispossessory actions, including one that was happening at the same time she was making these allegations against our client. Moreover, during the course of those proceedings, she made false allegations of sexual harassment against the apartment managers.

In speaking with other landlords who had to evict this woman, we learned that she had tricked an elderly woman to allow her to live in her house for free and then attempted to get the 93-year-old woman to sign the house over to her. The list of this woman’s fraudulent schemes went on and on but unfortunately, the police did nothing to investigate her before making the decision to arrest and indict our client.

Once we pieced together the timeline, our theory was that the woman falsely accused our client in the hopes of filing a civil suit against him. In fact, we learned that she had actually retained attorneys to investigate the filing of such a lawsuit. We were also able to show that the woman may had even been faking her ailment in the first place.

We were able to present all of this evidence to the prosecutors who ultimately agreed to dismiss the aggravated sexual battery charges against our client. Now, our client is able to go on with his life and continue his successful medical career.

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