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Misdemeanor plea in sexual assault case involving Gwinnett County doctor

State of Georgia v. M.Q.

Our client was a Gwinnett County psychiatrist who was charged with inappropriately touching fourteen of his female patients.

The case received a rash of media attention and there was a considerable amount of pressure on the DA’s office to aggressively prosecute the case.

After the case was indicted in Gwinnett County Superior Court, we filed a Demurrer alleging fatal defects in the indictment. As a result, we were able to get the first indictment dismissed. The case was then re-indicted. We then filed a motion to order the release of all of the patients’ mental health records. Just as the court was prepared to grant our request, we were able to convince the DA’s office to dismiss the 27 felony counts and allow our client to enter a plea to a misdemeanor charge.

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