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Child pornography charges dismissed against Cobb County teacher

State of Georgia v. B.K.

Our client was a respected Cobb County teacher and lacrosse coach.

While using Limewire, he accidentally downloaded a video containing child pornography. The Smyrna Police Department was conducting a Limewire investigation which led them to our client’s computer. Our client was subsequently indicted for sexual exploitation of children in Cobb County Superior Court.

The case received considerable media attention and our client was placed on administrative suspension from his teaching position. We worked closely with a top computer forensics expert who was able to retrieve critical data from the client’s computer that proved that the downloading was accidental.

We were able to prove the precise search terms that our client used in Limewire as well as trace all of the activity in his Shared Limewire folder. We then pulled all of the properties from the video file in question to prove that he only opened the file on one occasion and then attempted to delete the file.

After well over a year of investigation and pretrial motions, we were able to convince the DA’s office to dismiss the case prior to trial.

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