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Kennesaw State Professor Accused of Child Molestation

March 25, 2013

A Kennesaw State University faculty member was placed on administrative leave after school officials learned he has been charged with child molestation and sexual battery of a minor.

The charges stem from an incident that allegedly occurred when Robinson was visiting a friend’s home in Atlanta. According to police reports, on the night of November 22, 2012, Robinson and his friend, the mother of a 14 year-old girl also staying in the house, had been drinking when an argument erupted between the mother and daughter. The specific events of the evening are unclear. Some sources indicated that Robinson and the mother went into the girl’s room so she and her mother could talk. Then, after the mother and daughter apologized, there was a “group hug” between the three on the daughter’s bed. Other sources indicated that Robinson went into the girl’s room alone to speak with her after the fight. It is alleged that Robinson then touched her inappropriately—scratching her back under her shirt and placing his hand under her pants, touching her buttocks.

Robinson maintains his innocence and published a statement through his attorney denying the charges, insisting that he never touched the girl. Robinson contends the girl came into his room to talk about the fight with her mom, but he asked her to leave due to the late hour. Robinson’s defense attorney noted that it took the police months to decide whether to arrest his client due to the lack of evidence. He insists his client will be exonerated.

Robinson is a graduate of the University of Georgia and is an associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at KSU. The university announced that Robinson would remain on administrative leave as law enforcement continues to investigate the case.

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