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DeKalb County Police Officer Charged with Child Molestation

November 4, 2013

Manuel Williams, a DeKalb County Police Officer, has been arrested and charged with child molestation.

Williams, 49, had been with the DeKalb County Police Department for 18 years and most recently worked out of the South Precinct. The Chief of Police said that he had “always conducted himself as a stellar officer” and was well-respected by peers and superiors.

The charges arise out of an incident alleged to have occurred in September of 2012. It is alleged that Williams allowed a 13 year-old friend of his daughter to view pornography with him, and then kissed her on the neck, touched her, and tried to undress her. The alleged victim did not report the incident to anyone for approximately a year until she disclosed it to her mother in October of 2013. The girl’s father reported it to the police, who launched an investigation.

The police chief called the charges painful and shocking, saying that it is “disheartening and painful anytime we have an officer that goes outside of the law.” He reported that Williams confessed to the crime and offered his resignation before being booked into the DeKalb County Jail. The arrest warrant also stated that Williams had confessed.

Williams’ defense attorney, however, said that while he did resign from the police department and gave a statement, he did not confess to “anything that could be a criminal act.” The defense attorney said that Williams’ daughter was present during the entire time when the incident is alleged to have occurred, “so there’s no way any sexual contact occurred.”

We will continue to follow this case. At the officer’s preliminary hearing, the details surrounding this alleged confession will likely be revealed.

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