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I started eating and sleeping again after hiring Bernard Brody

November 7, 2019

I walked into Bernard Brody’s office already feeling disgusting and defeated by the horrible accusation against me. Bernard, and his investigator Shannon, made my wife and me feel at ease immediately. Upon telling them the situation I had been handed, they were eager to get to work that day and immediately gave me instructions on what they would need me to provide so that they may get started. They shared my feeling that we could not waste any time. Every few days, Bernard and/or Shannon checked in with me by phone and gave me updates throughout the entire ordeal. Each phone call I received from them gave me confidence that they were not sitting around wasting my precious time. Bernard scheduled a polygraph test for me right away, and soon thereafter I did a psychological evaluation. Both tests came back very favorably for me and Bernard and Shannon diligently kept working away at my case. Long story short, in roughly 3.5 months, Bernard Brody did exactly what he said he would do and had my case dropped before any arrest or court appearances. I highly recommend Bernard Brody’s services if you find yourself falsely accused of a sex crime.

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