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Brody is worth every penny

November 25, 2019

My husband was wrongfully accused, but no charges were ever pressed, thanks to Mr. Brody. Immediately following our first meeting he proved to be both proactive and thorough. He and his team helped us show that the accusation was false by 1) documenting evidence that the accuser was lying, through both interviews and internet research; 2) providing guidance about lie detector testing, the result of which provided another indicator of innocence; 3) helping navigate interactions with police, child services, and the district attorney. To be falsely accused by someone once loved and trusted is highly stressful, but Bernard and his team helped ease the stress, as they were respectful and supportive of my husband the entire time. We were cautiously optimistic during the course of the investigation that eventually the case would be closed…and it WAS closed. Working with a first-rate lawyer like Mr. Brody was expensive but it was well worth it, as it preserved my husband’s career.

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