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Statutory rape charges dismissed in Carroll County

State of Georgia v. J.H.

Our client was a promising 19-year-old boy who was in the process of enlisting in the Air Force.

He was charged with having sex with a 15-year-old girl in an abandoned trailer. As a result, he was arrested for the offenses of Burglary and Statutory Rape. During our investigation, we learned from several witnesses that the girl had lied about her age, saying that she was “16 going on 17.” We also learned that this same girl was involved in another statutory rape case in Carroll County involving yet another older boy who had consensual sex with her.

We then secured text messages between our client and the girl which showed that she instigated the sex. This was confirmed by the girl’s friend who told our investigator that our client did not even want to have sex with the girl, but reluctantly did so amid constant pressure from the girl.

After completing our investigation, we presented our findings to the District Attorney’s office. Despite the fact that our client had essentially confessed to the arresting officers, we were able to convince the prosecutors to dismiss our client’s case prior to the filing of an indictment.

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