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Prosecutors dismiss rape charges against Georgia State student

State of Georgia v. K.H.

Our client was a student at Georgia State University and was accused along with another fellow student of raping a female acquaintance.

Our client met the girl at a movie theater where the two of them worked. He and his friend were invited by the girl to her house on a day when the girl’s parents were out of town.

At the house, alcohol was consumed and then the three engaged in sexual intercourse. Another girl was at the house at the time and witnessed the boys having sex with the girl. After spending several hours at the girl’s house, the boys eventually left. Two days later, the boys learned that the girl was accusing them of rape.

We got involved in the case and immediately started interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence to prove our client’s innocence. We obtained text messages sent by the girl before and after the incident which helped us prove that the sex was consensual. We spoke to witnesses at the movie theater who told us that the girl came to work upset because her mother had found out about the boys coming over. We believed that this is what gave her the motive to allege that she was raped. We obtained video surveillance footage from the employee break room at the theater which showed the girl in there crying.

Our client had taken a cell phone video prior to the intercourse that showed he and the girl engaging in consensual oral sex. We later learned that the girl had lied to the police and told them that no oral sex ever took place. This video became critical evidence as it completely impeached her credibility. We were also able to interview the other girl that was at the house who stated that she witnessed the boys having sex with the girl and that it appeared to be entirely consensual. She also confirmed that the girl was in trouble with her mom for having the boys over and that her mom was very strict. Making matters difficult was the fact that the girl’s father was a famous hip hop artist and he seemed to have influence over the police officers assigned to the case.

Ultimately, we were able to present all of our evidence to prosecutors which resulted in them dismissing the case. We were then able to get our client’s arrest expunged from his record.

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