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Police dismiss molestation charges against Peachtree City pilot

State of Georgia v. M.B.

Our client was a well-respected airline pilot who was accused of molesting his next door neighbor's 4-year-old daughter.

The girl played regularly with our client’s daughter and spent a lot of time at their house. One day, the girl made a statement to her mom that our client was watching her while she was using the bathroom. Upon further questioning, the girl said that on one occasion, our client touched her private part.

This led to an investigation by DFCS and ultimately to an investigation by the Peachtree City Police Department. We worked quickly to present evidence to the police that would prove that our client was innocent.

First, we provided some context to these allegations and showed that our client was around on several occasions when the young girl actually needed help using the bathroom. She had several accidents and would occasionally need help wiping and to make sure that her clothes were dry. While our client’s wife would normally be the person to assist her, our client had assisted her from time to time. We believe that this is what the girl was initially saying to her mother but that it got misinterpreted. This misinterpretation led to more questioning, likely suggestive questioning, which led to the child making a false report of sexual abuse.

We interviewed several witnesses who stated that our client was an excellent parent who always acted appropriately with children. Several of the witnesses had also observed our client interact with the girl from next door and stated that he acted appropriately with her and that she always appeared comfortable around him.

Our client passed a polygraph exam in which he stated that any incidental touching involving the girl was merely to assist in the bathroom and was not for any sort of sexual reason. A psychosexual evaluation revealed that he was not a pedophile and had no sexual interest in children.

After several months of discussions with the police, we were able to secure a dismissal of the case and keep our client from getting arrested.

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