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Fayette County DA dismisses child molestation charges against preacher

State of Georgia v. R.M.

Our client was a respected preacher who had been falsely accused of molesting his stepdaughter.

The case was investigated by the Peachtree City Police Department as well as the Fayette County District Attorney’s office. Our belief was that the stepdaughter had been influenced to make these allegations by her mother who was in a custody dispute with our client. We also uncovered evidence that the girl had been manipulated by the mother’s new boyfriend into believing that she had in fact been molested. We conducted a thorough investigation and were able to secure a number of Facebook postings and chat room communications made by the mother and the boyfriend which evidenced a clear motive to frame our client.

After months of investigation, we were able to present our findings to the District Attorney’s office who then ultimately agreed to dismiss the case. As a result, we were able to keep our client from ever being arrested.

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