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Dismissal of rape charges in Houston County

State of Georgia v. M.K.

Our client was charged with rape by a woman he met at a party.

He admitted that the two of them had sex but maintained that it was consensual. We conducted a thorough investigation that involved locating and interviewing at least 10-15 people who were at the party that evening and witnessed the interactions between the woman and our client. We were also able to find two witnesses who observed the woman leaving our client’s apartment the next morning. These witnesses were able to confirm that the woman was not in any sort of distress and was actually escorted out of the apartment by our client.

We were able to convince the Houston County detectives to hold off on arresting our client until we completed our investigation. Once it was complete, we were able to present our findings to the police which ultimately convinced them to dismiss the charges without our client ever getting arrested.

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