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Child molestation charges dismissed in White and Hall Counties

State of Georgia v. C.N.

Our client was an 18-year-old who was falsely accused of molesting his cousin on two different occasions.

He was arrested for the offense of aggravated child molestation in both White and Hall Counties. Our client had passed a polygraph and maintained his innocence despite the repeated accusations by his female cousin that he molested her. Our biggest hurdle in the case was proving why this girl would fabricate these allegations.

We served subpoenas on every school and doctor that the girl had ever been to as well as obtained records from the divorce proceedings involving the girl’s parents. What we learned was that the girl’s mother had a history of making false accusations. In the divorce proceedings, she accused the girl’s father of molesting her and we were able to prove that the allegation was false.

Then our investigators discovered a doctor’s note in a medical record from when the girl was only five years old where the mother wanted the girl examined because she believed she had been molested. The lead detective in the case had absolutely no training in sex offense cases and, with the assistance of our expert, we learned that the forensic interviews of the girl were riddled with errors.

We were ultimately able to convince the District Attorneys in both counties to dismiss the charges. We then helped our client get both arrests expunged from his record.

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