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Child molestation charges dismissed in Heard County

State of Georgia v. J.F.

Our client was accused of molesting a girl who was a babysitter for his children.

The client was indicted in Heard County Superior Court on several counts of child molestation.

During our investigation, we were able to discover that the girl had made a prior allegation several years earlier that she was molested by her mother’s boyfriend. We filed pretrial motions for the DFCS records associated with the prior allegation and the court ordered the release of those records. The records revealed that the prior allegation was likely false and that the police had serious concerns about the girl’s credibility. We then conducted an investigation of the girl’s Facebook page and discovered statements made by her on her wall that seemed to suggest that the allegations against our client were also false.

We were able to present our findings to the DA’s office and convince them to dismiss the charges against our client prior to trial.

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