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Child molestation charges dismissed in Fulton County

State of Georgia v. M.P.

Our client was falsely accused of molesting his 5-year-old daughter.

The allegations were made during the time of a custody dispute between our client and the child’s mother. The child came home from a visit with the dad and she had a cut on her inner thigh. The cut was made by the strap from a life vest that the girl was wearing that weekend at the lake. The mother became paranoid and started questioning the girl repeatedly about the cut. The mother eventually claimed that the child stated that her dad touched her privates. Incidentally, this allegation came out just days before the final custody hearing was scheduled to take place.

We got involved early and conducted our investigation. We interviewed numerous witnesses who described the mother’s erratic behavior and her history of making false statements and engaging in fraudulent conduct. Our client passed a polygraph exam as well as a psychosexual evaluation which showed that he had no sexual interest in children.

Complicating matters was the fact that the girl was subjected to a series of forensic interviews where the interviewer engaged in highly suggestive questioning. After over a month of interviewing, the child made a very questionable disclosure of sexual abuse.

Our client was arrested and eventually indicted in Fulton County Superior Court. After our expert was able to carefully examine the forensic interviews, we laid out a presentation for the District Attorney in which we showed how, with the use of leading questions, the interviewer was able to get the child to say that she was sexually abused. This evidence, in addition to the mother’s obvious motives and credibility issues, led the District Attorney to dismiss the case against our client.

Following the dismissal of the charges, we were able to get the arrest expunged from our client’s record.

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