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Child molestation charges dismissed in Cobb County

State of Georgia v. M.B.

We were retained to represent a respected computer consultant on charges that he molested his biological son.

The client’s son made a remark at school that his daddy wrestles with him and kisses him on the neck. From there, officials at the school got involved and unfairly initiated an aggressive investigation against our client. All along, we knew our client was innocent and set out to prove that these statements by the child were misunderstood and taken out of context.

We conducted a polygraph examination of our client and thoroughly investigated the interview process that led to these allegations. We learned that the interviews of the child were riddled with errors and, upon subsequent interviews with the child, it became abundantly clear that the child was never sexually abused but was actually reporting innocent kisses from his father that were normal between a parent and his child.

Although the client was arrested and was facing indictment in Cobb County Superior Court, we were able to present our findings to the District Attorney who agreed to dismiss the charges prior to indictment. The arrest was later expunged from our client’s record.

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