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Child molestation charges dismissed against popular rock musician

State of Georgia v. B.C.

Our client was a professional drummer in several famous rock bands and was accused of molesting his stepdaughter from a prior marriage.

The girl was 15 at the time of the allegation, however, she claimed that this happened when she was 8 years old. Our client’s marriage to the girl’s mother was a disaster as she was extremely unfaithful and went through episodes filled with alcoholism, drug use and wild partying. Most of this occurred while our client was out on tour, but unfortunately, her kids were exposed to much of this behavior.

We interviewed several witnesses who expressed concerns over the many strange men the mother let stay at the house and what possible harm they could have caused to the kids. These witnesses also stated that the girl adored our client and that the two of them had an outstanding relationship.

After our client divorced the mother, the girl was moved to California where she was exposed to even more drug use and partying. The girl was kicked out of private school for drug use and was extremely depressed. We believe that she made this allegation in an effort to deflect responsibility for her conduct off of her and onto someone else. We obtained the girl’s Twitter posts, all of which established that this girl was severely depressed and clearly abusing alcohol and drugs.

The evidence showed that after the divorce, the girl remained in contact with our client, calling him all the time saying she wanted to come to see him. She and her siblings even stayed at our client’s house several times in the years following the divorce. We obtained pictures from these visits which showed how she was extremely happy around our client and not the slightest bit uncomfortable. What was interesting was the contrast between how depressed she looked in all of her Twitter posts but how happy she was around our client.

Our client passed a polygraph and a psychosexual evaluation which showed that he had no sexual interest in children. We worked quickly to present our evidence to the police and were successful in convincing them to dismiss the case against our client prior to any arrest being made.

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