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Child molestation case dismissed by Johns Creek P.D.

State of Georgia v. R.M.

Our client was a successful software consultant who was falsely accused of molesting his next door neighbors' 5-year-old daughter.

The two families had been good friends and there appeared to be no apparent motive to make a false allegation against our client. We worked quickly to gather evidence of our client’s innocence including sending our client for a polygraph exam. Just days after sending the passing polygraph report to the lead detective, the investigation against our client was dismissed.

By saving our client from an arrest, he can continue with his life without interruption and without any of the stigma that typically accompanies a molestation charge. When a case is resolved without an arrest, nothing is placed on our client’s record. So, even though he was falsely accused of this horrible crime, it will have no impact on his career or public record.

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