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Cell phone forensics leads to dismissal of Gwinnett rape case

State of Georgia v. YG

Our client was falsely accused of rape and was arrested in Gwinnett County.

He met a woman online and went on two dates with her. Following the second date, they went back to a hotel and had sex. Several days later, she accused him of rape.

The second date involved our client and the girl going to a club in Midtown along with several other people. At the club, the girl became extremely intoxicated and was actually escorted out of there by our client and a friend of his. Since the girl’s intoxication seemed abrupt, and she wasn’t seen drinking excessively, our client was accused of drugging her.

The friend then dropped our client and the girl off at a hotel in Gwinnett County. They had sex that night and the girl left the hotel in an Uber the following morning.

A day or so later, our client learned that the girl was accusing him of raping her. It appeared that she had little memory of the night and claimed that she never consented to sexual intercourse.

One of the key issues in the case was that the girl claimed that she did not want to go back to the hotel with our client. Our client disputed this and stated that, the day before the incident, the two of them talked about spending the night together at a hotel.

They communicated through a Chinese messaging app called WeChat. The girl had actually given her phone to the detective investigating the case but had apparently deleted this message. We were able to convince the DA’s office to extract the deleted WeChat data from the phone so that a computer forensics expert could recover the deleted WeChat messages.

As a result, the case was ultimately dismissed by the DA’s office prior to indictment and our client was able to go on with his life.

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