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Sexting Leads to Arrest of High School Basketball Coach

November 14, 2012

A Newton High School coach was charged with enticing a child for indecent purposes after he allegedly “sexted” a female student at his school.

James Carter, who worked as an assistant coach for the Newton High School boys basketball team and as a special education para-professional, was arrested on October 29th after investigators followed up on the girl’s allegations and discovered that he had sent several inappropriate text messages to the 15 year-old student.

The girl alleged that she received texts from Carter over a three week period beginning in October. When she showed the messages to her caregiver, the adult contacted law enforcement and reported the communications. After an investigation, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office recovered multiple texts from Carter’s cell phone that were of a sexual nature.

Newton County school officials stated there was no evidence of prior inappropriate behavior on Carter’s pre-employment background check conducted in August. Carter has since been fired.

Carter, 27, was released after posting a $3,000 bond. He has since returned to his home in Covington.

As Carter’s case develops, his defense team will be interested in both the content of the texts he allegedly sent to the Newton High student as well as any texts she may have sent to him. Another element of the case that could be meaningful is the length of time (3 weeks) that the student claimed to be receiving the inappropriate texts from Carter before alerting anyone.

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